Connecting to our past with rustic yet beautiful pottery

For me there is something so sensual and yet earthy about beautiful pottery. It is useful, yet unique, and often with the subtle imperfections that remind us of our forbears and the more connected type of life that they led with their surroundings. An era when things weren’t mass produced but were painstakingly made, and were valued for the ease they gave our lives, and the trouble it took to recreate them if they were lost or damaged. Gradually through time these items became more embellished and sophisticated until finally they resemble the mass produced items of today.

Pottery originated before the Neolithic period, with ceramic objects like the Gravettian culture Venus of Dolní Věstonice figurine discovered in the Czech Republic date back to 29,000–25,000 BC,[6] and pottery vessels that were discovered in Jiangxi, China, which date back to 18,000 BC. The earliest method for firing pottery wares was the use of bonfires Pit fired pottery. Firing times were short but the peak-temperatures achieved in the fire could be high. The earliest actual pottery vessels date back to 20,000 BP and were discovered in Xianrendong cave in Jiangxi, China.[39][40] The pottery may have been used as cookware. One reason for starting to make pottery was to preserve fish by fermenting it into fish sauce in these buried pots. People used clay to make all kinds of things besides dishes: baby baths, high chairs, potty seats, bellows, crucibles, cooking pots, water pipes, and marbles. When this pottery broke, people used it for all sorts of things: to write on like paper, as voting ballots, for game pieces, to make tile floors or coffins for the dead, as grit to mix with clayand water to make more pottery, or to mix with powdered lime and water to make cement.

It is one of the few things left in our modern lives that feel comforting and worth treasuring for a lifetime. Simple yet rich. A lovely way to stamp your identity and personality on your home while reminding you what really matters – home and family.


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