Andrew Falas

Andrew Falas




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Andrew has over 13 years experience as a Property Manager in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Andrew has a calm unflappable manner which is essential as one of the Eastern Suburbs most respected Property Managers!

He has an in depth knowledge of the rights of both owners and tenants, so he can protect you from unnecessary stress and hassle and provide the best Property Management experience.
He is unfailingly polite and handles every situation expertly and with respectful authority.

Andrew has a loyal following of Eastern Suburb's longterm clients, who feel very safe in his competent hands.

Andrew was with the same agency for 12 years before we were fortunate enough that he chose to join us.

He values building longterm relationships with owners over everything, so when he decided to move agencies he wanted to choose a Real Estate firm where he could be assured that the vision of the company was inline with his own values.

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