Candle holder ideas – putting a glow in your home

Real Estate Sales can seem straight forward but sometimes the little touches can make the greatest difference. A home that reflects love and thought from the owner will be more attractive to a purchaser or renter. These touches can be the key to presenting your home for sale during open homes and for photos. In our series of ideas we’ve chosen some candle holders that are a cut above the rest!

There are some people who can harness anything and make it look cool but you can practice this art too. These original candlestick holders are a prime example of the brilliance of some. Looking around your home to utilise forgotten objects that you probably love, but they end up in a draw all the same. It’s part of our love at Charlotte Peterswald Sydney for all things environmentally friendly and recycling items that we think are past their use by date. The key of course is always to cast a critical eye and edit, edit, edit until you have that point of difference – tasteful of course! Real estate sales can be fun and likewise Property Management can be creative.

Tenants stay longer with owners that care. In our day to day property management we notice that properties that are maintained well and where the owners have put some thought into layout and finishes, rent faster, have tenants that stay longer and get higher rents. It doesn’t have to be the latest appliances or a renovation costing hundreds and thousands just adding little touches throughout so that your neutral light and bright base is lifted and highlighted. Not too much going on just enough to add the wow factor.




Thinking laterally is good for the brain and makes us feel amazing! So look around your home now and start thinking upside down a little bit.

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