Sell With Us

Sell With Us

Whether you’re just starting to look at selling and need advice or are ready to go now – find out why you’ll love our intimate and highly effective sales service which won a Brightest and Best Business Award 2017.




With our in-house graphic designer we will create a truly beautiful bespoke campaign for your property with lush photography, videos, carefully constructed copy, stunning signboards, individually designed brochures with floorpans, arresting ads and enticing websites.


Charlotte will negotiate the best price for you, using her 25 years of Property Sales experience. Charlotte’s style is to create a wide net through marketing, then explore every avenue keeping an open dialogue with all prospective buyers – an essential asset in a quieter market and key to the best price in a strong market.


Charlotte will collaborate with you to achieve the best market price without high pressure tactics and you will be dealing with her directly throughout the sales process. Charlotte will communicate with you every step of the way and give you honest and constructive feedback. You won’t be forced into making a decision you’re not comfortable with.


Our luxurious offices are in a highly visible location and your property will be displayed on our large digital sign, imported from Hong Kong, day and night to over 20,000 passers by each day.


We like to make sure everything is in place to achieve the best result. Preparing your property for sale takes care and a good eye. We help you get ready so that when the clients come in the door there first words are WOW!


Call Charlotte on 0407 742 120