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How to choose a real estate agent to rent your home?

In This Article You’ll Learn About:

Should I hire a real estate agent?Can I rent out a property without an agent?Is it better to rent privately?How to find an agent to rent my house?How do I choose a rental agent?8 questions to ask before signing with a property managerSome frequently asked questions from first time landlord… Read the full post »

What’s a short-term rental?

Do you want to rent out your property for only a few months?
Are you going overseas for a few months and want some extra cash-flow?
Do you simply just need a break from using Air B’n’B?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, then we’re the agency for you! 
At Charlotte Peterswald Sydney, we … Read the full post »

Buying an apartment? Read this checklist first!

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Buying an apartment checklist.
Owning your first apartment is a big milestone in the life of many people. However, make sure that you find the perfect apartment before you agree to purchase one, if you’re wanting to purchase property, you may also want to see how much big of a mortgage you’re able to afford before deciding on viewing places, to do so you … Read the full post »

So your property is using online advertising, but can anyone actually see it?

So your property is using online advertising, but can anyone see it?
Having your listing online is incredibly important for exposure and visibility. In fact out of the 100% of tenants looking for a new home to live, 86% of them look to online platforms for available properties (, 2019). However, just because your rental property is using online advertising doesn’t mean it will be … Read the full post »

Why we’re one of the best valued agencies – and it’s not why you think!

One of the first Property Management questions is about fees. This is perfectly understandable, however it can be a false logic when you really analyse what the numbers are. Don’t forget a good agent is tax deductible too, so why skimp?
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On a $500 per week property a difference of 1% can be equal to a cup of coffee per week!
When you … Read the full post »

Candle holder ideas – putting a glow in your home

Real Estate Sales can seem straight forward but sometimes the little touches can make the greatest difference. A home that reflects love and thought from the owner will be more attractive to a purchaser or renter. These touches can be the key to presenting your home for sale during open homes and for photos. In our series of ideas we’ve chosen some candle holders that are a cut above the … Read the full post »

Maximising profit from renovating – hanging around

The use of throwaway products is becoming more and more topical, especially when we see the piles of waste and rubbish that countries are struggling to manage. Guilt-free creativity and beauty are so satisfying. Ditch plastic and look around you for inspiration. Avoid products thats use harmful dies or manufacturing processes. [envira-gallery id="3206"]
Here are some beautiful pinterest hanging (art) ideas from photos to tea towels using branches of wood. Careful … Read the full post »

Maximising profit from renovating – lighting with a gentle twist.

When renovating with the eye to making a profit, a common mistake that can be made, is to follow tired formulas or deny yourself the fun of being a tad creative. Sometimes in this rushed modern world, everything can start to have an air of being the same, and so it’s even more important to stand out from the crowd. Too hard and modern with no personality or too sterile … Read the full post »

Maximising profit from renovating – dream away with these cozy window seat ideas.

No spot in the home is as suited to romance as a window seat. Curling up in one to watch the world go by can make anyone feel like the heroine of a Victorian novel. It’s also an idea that utilises space and adds value to your home, when done well. Where space is short it allows extra storage and cuts down on the need for … Read the full post »

WINNER – Professional Services at the Brightest & Best Business Awards 2017!

Award winning efforts for Charlotte Peterswald, Sydney. We are celebrating being the very proud winners of A Brightest and Best Business Award at a gala dinner in Sydney. With over 400 entries and 100 finalists and 50 semi finalists.
The judges were looking for businesses who are leaders in their field, creative and even more so – innovative. Those who deliver exceptional customer service so that Waverley can be the leader in … Read the full post »

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