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10 Strategies to Rent Your Property Quickly in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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1. Loss Leader Pricing Strategy2. Professional photos are an absolute MUST3. Virtual staging for your photos4. Make sure all aesthetic maintenance is done before you hit the market5. Advertise on multiple sites6. Pay for premium ads7. If you need to drop your price, do so in $25 dollar increments8. When you have an application, … Read the full post »

15 Tips to Find The Best Tenants for Your Investment Property in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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1. Present the property well2. Advertise in multiple places3. Get professional photos4. Make sure the ad copy is compelling5. Use a premium agency6. Have high standards of screening during the application process7. Stick to the 30% rule8. Read between the lines on the applications9. Use your instincts when you meet them at … Read the full post »

15 Expert Tips to Maximise Return On Investment for Your Rental Investment Property

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1. Constantly assess market rental2. Utilise local experts for your property3. Ensure proper tenant reference checks are done4. Make sure direct debit, or an automated rent collection software is used5. Encourage your property manager to perform a minimum of two routine inspections per year6. Encourage your tenants to help source their replacement … Read the full post »

20 Expert Tips for Preparing Your Property for Rent for the First Time | First-time Landlord Checklist

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1. Treat your property as a business2. Landlord insurance as well as building insurance should be a must3. Objectively look at your property and ask if it is in a homely condition?4. Make a list and prioritise what needs to be done5. Make sure your smoke alarms are fitted and working6. … Read the full post »

How to choose a real estate agent to rent your home?

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Should I hire a rental real estate agent?Can I rent out a property without a rental agent?Is it better to rent privately?How to find a rental agent to rent my house?How do I choose a rental agent?8 questions to ask before signing with a rental property managerSome frequently asked questions … Read the full post »

What’s a short-term rental?

Do you want to rent out your property for only a few months?
Are you going overseas for a few months and want some extra cash-flow?
Do you simply just need a break from using Air B’n’B?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, then we’re the agency for you! 
At Charlotte Peterswald Sydney, we … Read the full post »

Why we’re one of the best valued agencies – and it’s not why you think!

One of the first Property Management questions is about fees. This is perfectly understandable, however it can be a false logic when you really analyse what the numbers are. Don’t forget a good agent is tax deductible too, so why skimp?
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On a $500 per week property a difference of 1% can be equal to a cup of coffee per week!
When you … Read the full post »