How to create beautiful pressed flower art with 2 easy methods

Bloom where you are planted

Do you remember pressing flowers as a child? The magic of opening up the yellow pages to find the perfectly dried blooms you had so carefully placed in there, all the hours spent curating pressed flower albums and handmade cards for those you loved. We think this is just the craft to share with the current little loves in your life (or just for your own joy), so go on, indulge in some flower pressing nostalgia!




•Flowers should be freshly picked, to prevent browning.

•Don’t pick your flowers early in the morning, as they will still have dew on them and that can cause them to go mouldy during the pressing process.

•If the flowers have obvious stamens, remove them before pressing.



•Flowers and foliage.

•Flowers with flatter petals work best, such as geraniums, pansies, daisies, wattle blooms and even pretty dainty flowering weeds.

•A yellow pages or a heavy book Paper or Card.

•Try blotting paper, coffee filters or several layers of tissue paper.

•Something solid to weigh down your book.

•A few bricks or a heavy metal ornament is ideal.

•An iron (only if using method 2).



1. Open up your book and place your chosen sheet of paper on one side of the book.

2. Arrange your flowers on the piece of paper, making sure to leave enough room between each one to ensure they don’t overlap once flattened (unless you want them to).

3. Once your satisfied with the arrangement, cover the flowers with another piece of the paper you’ve chosen to use and close the book CAREFULLY.

4. Weight down the book by placing your brick, extra piles of books or heavy ornament on top.

5. Change the papers over after one week, then leave the flowers to press for a few more weeks until they are completely dry. Try to resist the temptation to check on them, as you could disturb the flowers. About 2-3 weeks is optimum drying time.

6. Open up the book and remove your perfectly pressed, and very beautiful dried flowers!



1. Flatten the flowers in paper in book first, following steps 1-3 from the method above. We recommend leaving the flowers for at least 1 day in the book, if you can manage.

2. Empty any water from the iron, and place heat on the lowest setting.

3. Remove flowers from the book but keep in their protective paper covering, and press iron over them for 10-15 seconds. You don’t need to move the iron about, just hold it down on the flowers.

4. Wait for the paper to cool, and repeat, checking each time carefully to see if the flowers are becoming stiff and dry.

5. It is important not to over iron them as the petals will discolour!


You are all done and can show off your flowers by framing them, pressing them between sheets of glass or acrylic, adding them to cards and gifts or just simply keep them as your own special treats in a lovely book of memories. And don’t forget to share with us, we at Charlotte Peterswald Sydney office would love to see your beautiful creations.


You can find our favourite pressed flower inspirations at our Pinterest page, click here!


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