Living in a modern industrial designed home

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Think of a warehouse. Think of worn-out wood flooring, brick walls, and metal bars exposed from the ceiling. Now, think of converting that into a home.

This might seem like a crazy idea at first. But there’s a beautiful name for this today—modern industrial design. There’s something about industrial details that don’t go out of fashion: the charm of uncompleted interiors, the raw finishes, and the appeal of a design age that centres on mechanical ingenuity. Incorporating industrial interiors into your condo home has certain oomph to it. It’s a gorgeous way to combine modern design with age-old materials that look as cool as ever.

Industrial design trends these days are popular in urban lofts, with a metallic staircase leading

to an open bedroom above a rustic floor. Some kitchen designs have also started with this trend, probably inspired by laid-back coffee shops using wooden bar tables, bar stools made of steel, and elegant industrial lighting fixtures.

Industrial interiors have a unique way of making old-looking materials and fixtures look new. It is refreshing how this trend makes everything seem fresh, uncluttered, and well put together.

If you have been admiring barn and warehouse conversions, maybe it is time you take that inspiration into your own condo space.

If you would like to experience living in a modern industrial designed home, it’s now available for rent!

new modern house from brick